Tis the Season to be jolly and save money

RKA Holiday special.

The holidays are approaching and the time just sneaks up on us.
Every year the procrastinators procrastinate.
You MUST call to order 707 836 7659

“In a market where we sell things that nobody needs what will give them enough reason to say “I have to have that product”

How about for starters
ALL RKA Luggage is 20% OFF
How about
Free Shipping
But wait! There's more......

So this year to get you on the phone today let’s make you a deal you cannot refuse.
You MUST call to order 707 836 7659

Call and order NOW!

The holidays are approaching and the time just sneaks up on us.
Every year the procrastinators procrastinate. SO ....

ALL RKA Luggage is 20% off and free shipping in the lower 48. The rest of the world we will do the best we can to make a deal on discounted shipping cost individually.

RKA offers the LOWEST MAP pricing from SENA Allowable.

ALL SENA Products

Remote control

AND RKA’s other offerings….
Go to the RKA Products Page for more information on the following products RKA offers

Adaptiv TPX Radar Detectors and accessories
Liquid Image
Motorola FRS radios
Midland CB radios
Phone shield
ZootFresh USB accessories

You MUST call to order 707 836 7659

Sale conditions … Of course we must be able to access the sale price, not just word of mouth, no Loss leaders
“One use of a loss leader is to draw customers into a store where they are likely to buy other goods. The vendor expects that the typical customer will purchase other items at the same time as the loss leader and that the profit made on these items will be such that an overall profit is generated for the vendor.”
If this is the case we cannot compete with that. You may save a buck or two BUT where ya gonna go for support and instructional help?


TWO NEW RKA products.

BMW K1600GTL liners with that extra PLUSH Gucci finish!
The small and large “Compartment” Also with that PLUSH Gucci finish!

K1600GTL lined liners PLUS

RKA is now offering a special set of PLUSH like in Gucci PLUSH liners for the 1600GTL.
Click image for larger version. 

Views:	85 
Size:	79.4 KB 
ID:	165082
RKA has added our 3/8 inch foam combined onto our 200 denier waterproof lining of these already great liners.
Click image for larger version. 

Views:	88 
Size:	93.1 KB 
ID:	165090

Click image for larger version. 

Views:	87 
Size:	80.1 KB 
ID:	165098

These liners are for those that want that extra plushness and Gucci look and are not worried about the very small loss of capacity.
The 200 denier silver material also lightens up the inside of the bags for better packing and finding things.
These liners are offered at $250.00 a set, that’s for BOTH liners left AND right.
They are “Special Order” only with a lead in time, as they are made to order.


You can now “Compartmentalize” your RKA luggage. (Yes that is a real word)
RKA has introduced two storage bags that are not only the plushest & fanciest you have ever seen but also the most useful for your wants and needs.
They fit inside your tankbag or rackbag, liners bags wherever you want to put them.Completely finished and lined with our 200 denier urethane coated material combined onto a ¾ inch foam and finished on the outside with 600 denier urethane coated outer material.After all that the main compartment has a slip pocket for easy access, they have binding, piping, YKK zippers, a belt loop on the back, and a included shoulder strap.
Click image for larger version. 

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Size:	51.1 KB 
ID:	165106

Click image for larger version. 

Views:	91 
Size:	79.0 KB 
ID:	165114

Click image for larger version. 

Views:	86 
Size:	58.8 KB 
ID:	165122

When you park your motorcycle you can take this bag has a shoulder bag or use the belt loop and use it as a belt pack.

Whatever you decide you will have all the important things, Glasses, Keys, Phone, RKA ID or WIPP (Wallet) with credit card and cash attached to you for easy access while shopping, eating, or hiking.
Women can call them a small purse.
Men can call them a shoulder bag or waist pack.
For photos and more information before you order go here
Here is the webpage on our website. "The Compartment"

If you have questions email us at [email protected] or give us a call.

But don’t wait to get a set of these “PLUSH” liners or The “Compartment”
You MUST call to order 707 836 7659.
If you want them for a Christmas present you need to order ASAP!

Richard & Kathy