The U.S. BMW national club's November Owners News magazine contains a long review of the 2022 R 18 Bagger and the R 18 Transcontinental, written by Sam Q. Fleming. Let me tell you, this fellow is not going to be invited back to review any new BMW motorcycles in the future. He did a great job of evaluating both motorcycles but definitely was not very complementary in his description of the two models.

He describes the R18's as not being a "rider's motorcycle", but more of a "beach cruiser". Although ones that weigh 759 pounds and 941 pounds, respectively. And that is before you add any accessories not on the base models. He says that the power per pound of the R18's isn't far off that of the 1969 R69S.

I really enjoyed his comment that he asked the official BMW technical representative about clutch spline lubrication intervals. He said that his question "did not lead to definitive answers". Sam also commented that the single plate clutch of the Transcontinental clutches were starting to slip on the highway by the end of the day. That doesn't sound good. All in all his review is not going to drum up very many sales for either of those new 2022 models.